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M6.net is the worst host of all time

by naspinski 6/10/2008 5:39:00 AM

I have never experienced such a lack of service and overall ability in a 'professional' company in all of my life

Dealing with M6.net has been an utter nightmare. And I want to share, half to stop other people from using them and save them the grief, half because they piss me off so much that I want to vent, and half because I hope that their company fails as they have no business charging people for what they provide (3 halves... I know).

Where to begin? So... my site was working fine for a little while, everything was all fine and dandy. Until one day I noticed that none of my downloads were working, just sending me to another blank page. I also noticed that I could no longer make posts, edit posts, comment, rate, etc. Basically my site became an internet vegetable.

So, I contacted M6 to tell them about my predicament. Apparently they installed some anti-virus software and that was breaking many sites. Apparently locking down the App_Data folder which most asp.net projects use. So let me get this straight: They decided to put untested software onto a production server which people pay for, and admit to breaking many sites. And here is the amazing explanation I get:
We are still not having any ETA from macafee but it will get resolved soon.
Wow... thanks. Keep in mind this is about a week after I put in the initial trouble ticket (which still isn't resolved, its been over 2 weeks).

But wait! There's more! I was finally able to browse via FTP to my directory (oh, did I forget to say that FTP wasn't working either?). I noticed that all of the .zip files I had stored were now mysteriously missing. I sent in another trouble ticket explaining what happened, and this is the astoundingly thorough and useful response I get in email:
I am sorry to let you know that that files are not available on the server.
That's it, that is the whole response. We lost your files... woops :P

So this is when I decided I am done with M6, this is just getting stupid. Since I had already paid for a year of service, and I still had over 6 months left in that year, I figured it was ok to ask for my un-supplied hosting fees back. Not because I was leaving the service, but because the service I paid for was not being provided to me.
My site has basically been crippled over the past 2 weeks due to your deployment of (apparently untested) software on the server which hosts my site and I have gotten nearly zero support from M6. I have a ticket open: #KNT-488469 which is no longer being responded to.

Basically I have lost traffic and money because your service has been unacceptable. I would like my money refunded from the end of this paid month (though I feel I shouldn't have to pay for this month either) until the end of my contract with some time so I can migrate to a different host. I feel this is reasonable as you are not providing the service I payed for. Is this possible? I am trying to be reasonable, but this situation is very agitating.

Thank you
They then told me they can't because of their refund policy, then I I asked for an explanation in my case why they couldn't:
If we gave refunds in this way then there would be no reason for our clients to sign up for monthly billing as they could just cancel and receive their remaining credit anyway. As our monthly packages are at a higher per month price point than our yearly and two yearly packages this would render our pricing system useless. We apologize for the personal inconvenience this may cause.
and I replied:
But you also agreed to provide me with a service that you are not providing. That is a breach of contract is it not? I am not just a user that is trying to get my money back, I have a legitimate problem and you are not remedying it. I have been cordial and this is just poor business.
After they denied me again, I immediately filed this with the Better Business Bureau. I can at least hope to make it more of a hassle to sh#t on me that some annoying emails.

Overall, this host was horrendous. I have never experience such lack of courtesy, ability and professionalism in a 'company' (it's probably just some kid in his mom's basement). I hope this review stops at least one person from signing up for their 'service'.

M6 can rot in internet hell :)



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7/20/2009 3:30:17 PM

Die Partnersuche
Hey! Thanks for sharing this. It would stop me from paying this service whenever I get to encounter M6.net.

Die Partnersuche us

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