No more comments

Back from my month long vacation and I made a decision due to the amount of garbage in my inbox:

I hate to do it, but until I can get some better spam filtering software for BlogEngine, I am turning off comments - the spam levels are just getting ridiculous and wasting too much of my time. If you need to get a hold of me, there is always the contact page.

Comments will now be moderated

I didn't want to... but the bastards of spam made me do it

I don't like moderating comments, I also don't like comment moderation in general, but spam has forced me into it. I will not moderate anything that is from a real person, no matter how much they disagree wiht me, so don't worry about that. Hopefully when I upgrade to 1.5 (released today) there is better anti-spam built in and I can turn this off.

My new coffee mug

The perfect coffee mug for a .Net programmer... or any geek really

Here's what it says:

The sad part is that I actually wrote the Beverage, Me and Cup classes to make sure all the highlighting was correct :P