Errors when publishing an open social google gadget

Simple fixes to simple errors when just starting out with open social widgets 

Just made my first basic open social gadget for Daily Atheist Quote and ran into an error which I couldn't find any documentation (I didn't really look all that hard).  Basically I tried to publish my first widget from the Google Scratchpad and I got this warning:

Please consider fixing the following issues below before publishing your gadget:

    * Author attribute is missing or undefined.
    * Author email attribute is invalid or undefined.
    * Height attribute must be defined.
    * Width attribute must be defined.
    * Description attribute is missing or undefined.
    * Thumbnail attribute must be defined and set to a valid image URL.

Couldn't figure out where this stuff actually went.  Turns out after messing around, it really was very simple and I just had to stick that info into the ModulePrefs:



<ModulePrefs title="Daily Atheist Quote" description="Rotates Atheist Quotes Daily"
    title_url="" author="Stan Naspinski"
    author_email="" height="200" width="300" >



And that is it, your Widget should now validate through the Scratchpad Publishing just fine.

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