Quickly add and attach multiple content databases to a MOSS 2007 install

A detailed tutorial on how to use some borrowed/modified scripts for making this task very simple

These scripts were stolen from SharepointBlogs.com and have been modified just a little to get some different functionality, I want them to take 95% of the credit... the rest is MINE!  (Thanks guys!)


These scripts were almost exactly what we needed, but we needed each content database to have custom names.  So I twisted the code around a bit and here is a detailed tutorial of what we did. 

**IMPORTANT - do this ONLY after you have made your initial web application.


Make the Databases

  1. Make a new database named temp_db_builder
  2. Make a table in temp_db_builder with this:
    CREATE TABLE create_dbs(
    db_name VARCHAR(MAX)
  3. Fill that table with the trailing end of your content db names- EX: WSS_Content_SomeSite : 'SomeSite' = trailing end
  4. Edit make_dbs.sql (from the zip below):
    1. Change @ServiceIdentity and @AppPoolIdentity to the proper accounts
    2. Change the X in WHILE @Number <= X to the number of entries you added in the create_dbs table
    3. Change @DataFile and @LogFile to the proper destinations
    4. That is all that is needed, change the other properties if your situation requires
  5. Run that file, or run the query text in SQL Server Management Studio
  6. Databases are made


Produce the Batch file:

  1. Edit the file make_db_batch_file.vbs (from the zip below):
    1. edit NUMBER_OF_DATABASES to the number of names you added in the create_dbs table above
    2. edit SQL_SERVER_NAME to your SQL Server
    3. for however many databases you specified in #1, add the names to dbArray(x) from 0 to NUMBER_OF_DATABASES - these HAVE TO match the names in the table create_dbs
    4. edit DBnameconv to what the prefix of the databases is
    5. edit SiteURL to your site url
  2. Copy that file to your Sharepoint Admin Server to C:\Add_ContentDB_Script\
  3. Go in to your command prompt and run cscript make_db_batch_file.vbs from the C:\Add_ContentDB_Script\
  4. Batch File is made


Attach Content Databases to Sharepoint

  1. On your Sharepoint admin server, run a command prompt as the Sharepoint admin account (runas /user:domain\username cmd)
  2. Navigate to C:\Add_ContentDB_Script\ and run AddDBAContentDB.bat


And you should be all done.

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