Un-compressed automated backups

Sometimes you want an uncompressed backup...

I have run into many automated backup solutions, but they all seem to want to compress my data.  A particular intranet site we have has data that I regularly need to access the backups of, and it is a pain to use backup software or compression day after day.  To fix this, I came up with a script/batch file to do the work for me.  I set it to run on a schedule and I get backups in tidy date-named folders every day with automated cleanup after a specified amount of days.  It is pretty simple and straight-forward.  Uses RoboCopy for the backups (included in the zip).  Usage is as such: 

cscript backup.wsf
The only things that are required are to and from.  I put up a walkthrough of setting up batch files and scheduling for a different process here if you need a refresher.

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