SharePoint 2007 Web Part: Time Zones

Displays 6 Time Zones of your choosing, fully customizable

Previously I showed how to build a web part from scratch.  This is my first fully-featured web part.  The javascript was mostly stolen from some unknown source that had been wandering around my shop for years.  Other than that, the web part is all me.  The javascript I was given was just the 6 time zones we use over here (I am working in the Middle East right now) and I got tired of every different division wanting a different set of time zones, so I just made it so they could modify it themselves; now everyone is happy.


To install, place the Time_Zones.CAB file into the magical directory of:


C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\bin\


Then run the command (from the same directory):


stsadm -o addwppack -filename Time_Zones.CAB -url http://your_url_here -globalinstall -force


Then simply run an iisreset and your web part is ready to use.  The full zip file includes the CAB as well as all the original code so you can modify it if you want.  Otherwise, just download the CAB if you want to simply use the part, enjoy!





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  • JEB
    The webpart does not seem to be honoring daylight savings time.  I have selected the DST checkbox but the time does not change.  Any ideas?
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