Amazing jQuery Color Picker

This is by far the smoothest, most compact color picker I have found


Looking for a new color picker today, and I cam across this beauty!  The 'Farbtastic' color picker... what a name!  It requires jQuery, but is easily the best of it's kind I have ever found.  It is extremely easy to implement and looks/works great (I really like the fact that it is mroe compact than most). 


I just finished making a style customizer for one of our intranet applications that uses this to re-write our css and hence change the theme based on the user input.  This tool was super easy to work with and cut my development time down by a huge margin.  I can't say enough about this plugin!  Hopefully I can get a post up about the online css customizer pretty soon.



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  • I integared this in a usercontrol(ascx) ..But its not working...
    Anyone any idea about this

  • The most likely thing is that the references to the javascript files are incorrect where you are implementing them.  Since User Controls can be stuck in anywhere, I recommend making all your JS references in the code-behind so they can adapt to wherever you are calling the control.
  • Thanks for your valuable reply
    How can we refer the these scripts reference to the code-behind
    pls help
  • Hello

    In the above applicaion,Here selected color code is displying the textbox(input type) and that textbox  having no porperty  of "runat=server"..But i added the textbox property runat=serevr.But displaying an error..
    How can we avoid this thing

  • A couple ways around that.  Since you are adding runat="server" it is now renaming your <input> previously named 'myTextbox' to something else like ctl$100myTextBox', so you can either push in some inline to enter the clientID <%= myTextBox.ClientID %> or use a jQuery selector that will grab the right one by using special selectors: $("input[id$='myTextBox']")
  • Hai,

    Its working fine..
    Thanks lot.

    Our client Reqirement is avoid the round image and that will be squre image..and the inner image should be out side in the main image.You Got? how cna we customize the image as square?

    Thanking You

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