AJAX Control Toolit CalendarExtender : Where did Saturday go?

How to get back the lost day(s) on your AJAX control

More than once I have come across this, and it isn't obvious where the problem lies.  This happens when your table cells inherit strange padding/margins.  The CalendarExtender is a great tool, but it makes a crazy table that is an html nightmare.  I figure at first I could simply assign the CssClass to something else, but that negates what it is normally set to, which apparently does a lot as there are all sorts of divs, trs, tds, etc in that calendar.  Instead, using FireBug I found the css class it was using and simply override it with this.


.ajax__calendar_days table tr td { padding:0; margin:0; }


And everything will be looking fine... seeing your Saturdays and everything.


Update - 19 October 2008

Turns out this didn't alone fix the problem, it only fixed the days... but, if you click on the month name, it brings up a menu of months, and if you click again, you get a menu of years... those are also broken.  So in order to fix them all, you will need this:


.ajax__calendar_days table tr td, .ajax__calendar_months table tr td, .ajax__calendar_years table tr td { padding:0; margin:0; }


And now... everything is fixed.


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  • THanks! that fixed it! You consulting fee is in the mail!
  • Thanks for the tip ! as for me, I had to add "border:none"
    and finally it works perfectly
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