Slick-Ticket hits 1000 downloads!

My open source trouble ticket system has hit 1000 downloads in less than 4 months

I suppose this is more of a bragging point than anything, but I am pretty proud.  I released Slick-Ticket on Jan 18 and it currently has over 1000 downloads on CodePlex and is going quite strong.  I have had a lot of great input and the mini-community has really helped me track down bugs and improve the software. 


I have a few reviews/ratings and they are all good so far, so that is encouraging.  Here is one that made my day:


We are actually up and running for 2 weeks live supporting over 700 users and currently over 220 users enrolled with profiles.  Over 300 tickets in just two weeks and our users love it.  Works almost flawlessly but I do have a few quick questions.


Well, hopefully I can make that *almost flawlessy* into a *flawlessly* (I fixed the bugs he reported).  Hooray for open-source!

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  • Congratulation, hooray to open-source indeed Smile
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