Multiple databases in Linq-to-Entities?

Yeah... good luck with that

Yet another HUGE downfall of L2E was found today in my forced learning of this (quickly becoming dreaded) technology.  I have several databases that may need to connect to one central db that was written ages ago with a classic ASP program.  It is basically voodoo magic to us, so we don't touch it, just pull data out of there as we need it.  In the past, if I wanted to do such things with L2S, I would simply drag the table onto my DBML from my Server Explorer and use it like any other Linq-to-SQL object.  Not the case with L2E, apparently it is completely 'out of scope'.  In fact it looks as if you basically have to do some sort of magical workaround to get this to somewhat work (and forget about updating the edmx file automatically).


So, regretably, I have been reduced to using oldschool ADO with DataReaders, SqlConnections and SqlCommands.  Why do you make me hate you so L2E, why?  I hope MS is taking notice of these many shortcomings!

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