ScrewTurn Wiki is a Great Open-Source Tool

Easy setup and a breeze to use

Recently, the nearly complete lack of documentation for my open-source ticket system Slick-Ticket was brought to my attention, so I decided to document it. In the sprit of open-source, I figured why not do it in a wiki format and let my userbase contribute if they wanted to.

So I did some searching and came across ScrewTurn Wiki which is a fantastic open-source Asp.Net wiki, I highly recommend it. I thought about doing a tutorial, but the setup was so stinkin' easy, I figured there was really no point - just change one variable in the web.config and you are running; big props to the guys over there for making it so easy.

So, here is my documentation for Slick-Ticket if anyone wants to see how ScrewTurn looks.
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