Simple 'Ajax-like' page transitions without the page flicker

make smooth transitions between web pages

Every time you click on a link that transfers from webpage to webpage, there is a flicker as the page loads, that is no big secret. Often times people want to get rid of that so they use javascript to fake changing pages, but really just change content... which breaks browser functionality like the back button, which annoys users immensely.

There is a simple meta tag that can be added to your pages to eliminate this page flicker, but sadly it only works in IE. That said, there is no harm in adding it as other browsers will simply ignore it. It is so simple, yet so useful, not sure why I hadn't heard about it. Add this to your <head> section and watch the smooth transitions (in IE of course):

<meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="BlendTrans(Duration=.01)" />
<meta http-equiv="Page-Exit" content="BlendTrans(Duration=.01)" />

Here is a website that shows a lot more options to the tag (as painful as it is to link to a site with overlayed raindrops)

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  • just used the code and it fixed the problem i was having. very good of you to post. thanks very much.
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