MCPD 3.5 Certified

took the 70-567 upgrade test today

The test was suprisingly easy compared to the tests required to get the MCPD 2.0. As long as you have been using 3.5 features such as Linq, some WCF, etc. you should be fine in taking it. A lot of the questions weren't even 3.5 specific, many were simple 2.0 stuff that should be trivial if you already have the MCPD.

There were a couple tricky ones that confused me a bit. Whitout getting into too much detail, I will say that there are questions with more than one correct answer, though one may not be as 'ideal' as another, so here you would have to pick the 'most correct' answer. Also, there was a definite typo that threw me off... remember Microsoft: 'asymmetric encryption' is one-way, I think you got mixed up there.

Oh yeah, I passed :)

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