string.ToNullable<T>() Extension for Converting a string into a Nullable Object of Type T

save time with a simple conversion that works for all nullable Types

For a while, I have used a ToNullable method (that I found somewhere on the intertubes) that required the input of a TryParse delegate like this:
int? eight = "8".ToNullable<T>(int.TryParse);
int? nInt = "".ToNullable<T>(int.TryParse);//null

Which wasn't bad in any way, but I realized that every time I was using this method, I would have to type in the TryParse of the Type I was trying to get; clearly there is a better way, and I found it using TypeConverter. Now I can use my new ToNullable method in a cleaner, less repetitive way:
int? eight = "8".ToNullable<T>();
int? nInt = "".ToNullable<T>();//null

Here is the code:
public static Nullable<T> 
  ToNullable<T>(this string s) where T : struct
  T? result = null; 
  if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(s.Trim())) 
    TypeConverter converter = TypeDescriptor
    result = (T?)converter.ConvertFrom(s); 
  return result;

This has been added to my Utilities Library on CodePlex. convert integer to nullable ?Int32 convert int to nullable ?int convert double to nullable ?double convert bool to nullable ?bool convert decimal to nullable ?decimal convert long to nullable ?long
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