Pluralize a String or Class Name in C# and .Net

Sometimes you need to pluralize names like when you are working with Entity Framework or countless other sitautaions

When you auto-generate from tables in Entity Framework, it will make the table names plural, and the objects singular. Often times, when you are trying to use more generic functions like creating EntityKey objects for attaching to an unknown table, you will need to pluralize a class name, so for this, I came up with a couple static methods to simply return a plural version of an Object's name or a string itself:
using System.Data.Entity.Design.PluralizationServices;
using System.Globalization;

public static string Pluralize(this string s)
    PluralizationService plural = 
    return plural.Pluralize(s);

Simple enough, now I make this specifically to get the table name of an EntityObject:
public static string GetTableName(this EntityObject obj)
    return obj.GetType().Name.Pluralize();

In use:
//returns "Cats":
string cats = "Cat".Pluralize();

//now specifically for EntityObjects:
string tableName = MyEntityObject.GetTableName();
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