MVC Html Helper for including an Id with a DisplayFor

there are cases when you want to include an id with your DisplayFor()

public static MvcHtmlString DisplayWithIdFor(
    this HtmlHelper helper, 
    Expression> expression, 
    string wrapperTag = "div")
    var id = helper.ViewContext.ViewData.TemplateInfo
    return MvcHtmlString.Create(
        string.Format("<{0} id=\"{1}\">{2}", wrapperTag, 
        id, helper.DisplayFor(expression)));

It is used like this:
@Html.DisplayWithIdFor(x => x.Name)
<!-- to produce -->
<div id="Name">Bill</div>

Or if you want to wrap it in a non-div:
@Html.DisplayWithIdFor(x => x.Name, "span")
<!-- to produce: -->
<span id="Name">Bill</span>
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