Singleton Broadcaster in Angular2

A simple way to subscribe and/or broadcast from anywhere in an app to anywhere else.

Basically, I needed a simple way to send out global messages not knowing what components would be loaded and didn't want to deal with injecting this anywhere in older components.  With a little messing around with some online guides (sorry I don't remember which ones) I came up with the following:

import { Injectable } from "@angular/core";
import { Subject } from "rxjs/Subject";

export class BroadcastService {

    static instance: BroadcastService;
    static isCreating: Boolean = false;

    private broadcastMessageSource = new Subject<string>();
    broadcastMessage$ = this.broadcastMessageSource.asObservable();
    constructor() {
        if (!BroadcastService.isCreating) {
            throw new Error("You can't call new in Singleton instances");

    static getInstance() {
        if (BroadcastService.instance == null) {
            BroadcastService.isCreating = true;
            BroadcastService.instance = new BroadcastService();
            BroadcastService.isCreating = false;
        return BroadcastService.instance;

    broadcastMessage(modal: string) {;

Then simply make sure to import it where you need it, and send out a broadcast:


Where you need to,  subscribe in the constructor (or ngOnInit):


And deal with the broadcast however you will:

receiveBroadcastMessage(broadcast: string): void {
    console.log('broadcast received: ' + broadcast);

    // I generally run it through a switch to see if its something this component cares about
    switch (broadcast) { 
        case 'message-i-care-about': doSomething(); break;
    // or just ignore it

There you go, just sent and received a global broadcast message.

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