Chili Lime Restaurant & Tavern

Locally founded and operated restaurant and bar with delicious tacos and tots among other options daily food/drink specials for either takeout or dine-in.

The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack

Axe throwing bar in the heart of Stillwater!  Rustic and friendly with lots of bar games with great food and drinks.  Even a bit of Stillwater history!

Cohesive Real Estate

Cohesive Real Estate

Condo rentals in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis.

Fitness Transformed

Alchemy 365

Alchemy 365 combines yoga, cardio, HIIT, ab-blasting core work, functional weight training and restorative stretching.


My code

Because I am a nerd.


A somewhat up-to-date resume; a more complete history available on my LinkedIn.

Masters Thesis

Selection and Implementation of Technologies for the Re-Engineering of an Existing Software System.