Chili Lime

Food Truck and Restaurant!  Delicious tacos and tots all over the Minneapolis/St Paul Metro area.

Brothers Tavern

Small local bar focusing on Tequila and Mezcal – daily food/drink specials and connected to Chili Lime for tacos!

The Lumberjack

Axe throwing bar in the heart of Stillwater!  Rustic and friendly with lots of bar games with great food and drinks.  Even a bit of Stillwater history!

Cohesive Real Estate

Cohesive Real Estate

Condo rentals in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis.

Fitness Transformed

Alchemy 365

Alchemy 365 combines yoga, cardio, HIIT, ab-blasting core work, functional weight training and restorative stretching.


My code

Because I am a nerd.


A somewhat up-to-date resume; a more complete history available on my LinkedIn.

Masters Thesis

Selection and Implementation of Technologies for the Re-Engineering of an Existing Software System.